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Earn up to $225 In Commission On Each 
Sale Referred From Your Site!!!

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Expose your visitors to the ultimate technologically proven software that will link them to the super affiliates & link partners in their industry and most importantly to massive targeted traffic.
    Link Capture - The most powerful state of the art software/technology to find and recruit affiliates and 
    link partners in any online or offline industry.  With link capture you will be able to create link 
    directories with ease to start a link exchange campaigns with other web site owners... 
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    Here is how it works:

Bronze member - Sell up to 5 software and get  $99 a sale
Silver member - Sell more than 5 software and your commission will jump to $125 a sale
Gold member - Sell more than 10 software and your commission will jump $175 a sale
Diamond member - Super affiliates and heavy players, contact us  for our Diamond membership
    Our Offer To You:
    1. Earn up to $225 commission on direct sales 
    2. Excellent marketing materials 
    3. Real-time statistics and reporting 
    4. Lifetime Cookies'  to ensure your credited with repeat visitors
    5. Monthly commission payments

    It Couldn't Be Easier!
    Go ahead. Take a few minutes and join our super Affiliate Program - it's Fast, Free and Easy!
    We provide you with banners, buttons, text links and images that have been thoroughly
    tested for their efficiency. All you have to do is recommend our software to your users 
    and get $225 in commission on each sale referred from your site.

    Tracking System:
    Our state-of-the-art tracking system was created with your $$$ commissions in mind. After you 
    sign up, you will be assigned a special Affiliate ID which you can use to promote linkcapture.com 

    Once your visitors come to our site, your Affiliate ID will be saved on their computer as a cookie. 
    This means that if they come back and buy many months from then, you will still 
    receive your commission.

    Associate Member Site:
    When you sign up, you will be granted access to our exclusive, Associate Member 
    site, where you can:

    1. Check out your statistics real-time
    2. Edit your profile (i.e. make changes to your address)
    3. Get banners, text ads and other marketing strategies

    Join Now!
    Sign up now as MakeLinks.com Affiliate and start earning cash today! It doesn’t cost you 
    anything to become an associate partner and it takes only a couple of minutes. 
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1) We pay commissions after the second sale.
2) Commission issued after our 30 day money back guaranteed policy will expire.
3) Link Capture affiliate program was designed to allow people to promote our products to other people and not to themselves.  Therefore we do not make payment to people who use the affiliate program to purchase their own products.


Just copy the HTML under the banner and put it in your Web page. 
Dont forget to change the xxxx with your affiliate ID number sent to you by email
after you signed up as an affiliate.  You may also check your affiliate ID by Clicking Here

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/B7.gif"

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/B8.gif"

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/B6.gif"

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid==xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/B11.gif"

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/B10.gif"

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/BOX-NEW-s-super-Small.jpg"

<p align=center><a href="http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=xxxx"> 
<img src="http://www.linkcapture.com/banners/BOX-NEW-super-Small.jpg"


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