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Jason Bradley  says, 
"You can easily use Link Capture to go 
from zero to $100K a year "

I have to say, Link capture has me floored!

Searching for "super affiliates" is such a tedious and time-consuming 
process.  Your software really solves that problem and does it well.

You can easily use Link capture to go from zero to $100K a 
year online by using the following 4 step plan:

1. Product Creation
2. Set up an Affiliate Program
3. Use Link Capture to Find the Best Affiliates For Your Product
4. Repeat Steps 1-4!

There is so much "junk" out there today, it is really refreshing to see something that delivers what it promises.

Thanks so much for sharing this, I'm off to find some more super affiliates!

Jason Bradley 

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Shawn Collins  says, 
"LC has so tremendously streamlined 
that task that I cannot thank you enough."
Roy -

I just wanted to thank you for creating the Link Capture. All too often the products out there for affiliate managers are over-hyped and convoluted. LC breaks the mold with features that help me in a variety of ways.

In the past, I used to always prospect email addresses to contact affiliates. While I still do this, my favorite aspect of LC is that I can also obtain and export the offline mailing addresses of my targets. I find this particularly useful as my affiliate recruitment strategies have evolved to more of a focus on direct mail.

With the help of LC and customized direct mail postcards, I'm seeing the best results from my recruiting efforts in years. And LC has so tremendously streamlined that task that I cannot thank you enough.

Shawn Collins
Author of "Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants"
Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit conferences
President of Shawn Collins Consulting"

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Ian Larsen  says, 
"You can't compare LinkCapture to any 
other utility, it's so simple to... "

If you manage even one affiliate program, and struggle to find quality affiliates for your program, then look no further, Link Capture IS the answer. 

After just a short time, I was up and running with this revolutionary tool, and finding valuable partners that have immediately enhanced the value of our services. 

You can't compare LinkCapture to any other utility, it's so simple to use, the help files are concise, and the setup & execution from download to run is a snap.  Now is the time to ramp up your recruiting efforts!

Ian Larsen

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Toby Wong says, 
"I wouldn't expose this secret weapon 
to  anyone if I were you"
Roy, what the devil are you thinking? You are literally giving away a time machine here. You have slashed AT LEAST 2 months out of my JV seeking spree to 6 minutes and 37 seconds flat.  I wouldn't expose this secret weapon to anyone if I were you, not even you are paying me thousands of dollars. Thanks again for sharing this secret to me, Roy!

Toby Wong, Hong Kong

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Justin Blake says, 
"A program like  Affiliate Capture 
only comes along once in a... "

Hey Roy !

You're an absolute genius!!

A program like Affiliate Capture only comes along once in a ... well.... actually... I've NEVER seen a program as powerful  as Affiliate Capture! Others have tried to come close but NONE of them offer so many needed options.

I can't believe I can actually collect Super Affiliate's
Phone numbers - Email addresses - Alexa ranking - Link popularity - Snail mail address - Company name and more...

Not to mention the price you're selling Affiliate Capture for. Why such a low price for this type of software?  Actually... I really don't know if you should release Affiliate Capture to the public.

It's just too freakin powerful !!  But hey... why should I complain? I now have a list of over 700 Super Affiliates !!

Justin Blake - publisher for

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Rod Beckwith says, 
"If you are even thinking about starting an 
affiliate program, stop what you are doing 
right now a buy this software."


I'm not kidding when I say that "Affiliate Capture" is a product that can make the difference between a super successful affiliate program and one that falls flat on it's face. 

This software is so fast and accurate that it  will make your head spin clean off your shoulders! If you are even thinking about starting an affiliate program, stop what you are doing right now a buy this software. 

It is excellent and I highly recommend it!
Rod Beckwith

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Haidon Carter says,
"it's super slick and I can run it straight out of the installer 
without a 2 page manual and have super affiliates selling 
my stuff by the weekend"

My favorite purchases online are software. CGI scripts, trick software, animation packages. However when we're talking about making money forget that you thought you knew what good software was because I'm telling you that you are missing the real deal.

I hate giving testimonials and I hate those people who ask for them before I've even tried the damn thing but Roy, oh boy, oh boy I talk freely about what a Killer And Original thing you have here. 

It Kills, Crushes, Demolishes And Completely Destroys Any Other Super Affiliate Software Ever Created. It's super quick, runs from My Own Computer, it's super slick and I can run it straight out of the installer without a 2 page manual and have super affiliates selling my stuff by the weekend. I love your software Roy, you da main man! ;-)

Director in Chief,
Haidon Carter.

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Marshall Donnerbauer says, 
"The Super Affiliate Capture is probably the best 
tool I've come across in my 3 year online career"
Dear Roy,

The Affiliate Capture is probably the best tool I've come across in my 3 year online career.

All I did was type in the website of some of my competitors, and within minutes (literally), I had a red-hot list of over 200 super affiliates. Over 50 of them responded to my Joint Venture solicitation letter, and I'm sure I'll be making a lot more money within the next few weeks, as my new JV partners will be blasting ads for my product in their ezines and newsletters. :-)

This looks like an extremely promising tool, both for the newbie and professional online marketer to increase their profits (almost) effortlessly.
Marshall Donnerbauer
Author - The Viral Backend

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Rick Wray says,
"This program is easy to use and just 
as powerful as you advertise"

Dear Roy,

Thank you for answering all my questions regarding your AffiliatCapture© . 

I started using the Internet marketing program right away and had responses back in just a few hours later. This impressed me very much. 

This program is easy to use and just as powerful as you advertise in your literature. It is refreshing to see a product actually deliver what it claims to do. 

Now that I have seen the program in action for myself, I know that you have a sure fire winner on your hands. The market for Internet promotion is huge and your products will help others to achieve the success they are looking for. 

Kudos for such an ingenious product. You have my highest recommendation.

Rick Wray

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Winfred Jennings says, 
"If it were not for your software our affiliate 
program would be grounded."

Hello Roy

I would like to take the time to congratulate you on this super software.  If it were not for your software our affiliate program would be grounded.  The whole process is very user friendly and quiet effective.  Everything is systematic and seamless from beginning to end.  This turns the smaller company into a large one overnight because of its potential.

Your product is great, but you customer service is even better.  We had problems on our side and your expertise helped us through every step. I wish all companies would take notice, that customer service really does matter.  I would not hesitate to recommend your product to any company wishing to grow their business.

Winfred Jennings

P.S.  We thought about the basic product the AC©, but we are glad we ended up with the more powerful Business Edition - it is worth 10 times what you charge. 

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